On this site you become acquainted with my paintings. As you see I work with different materials.
The subjects are obvious. Now and then I make an excursion to city- or landscapes, but I keep fascinated by people as a subject for my work. Actually that is not a surprise. After all, my studies (Academy of Art (graphic design) and Social Sciences) both had human behaviour as an object of study. The first one in terms of influencing and temptation; the second one in the development of abilities and talents. I had the chance to contribute to both in different jobs.
Actually people are always beautiful and unique. That’s why most of the time portraiture has a central position in my work. Every time it is a challenge to express the personality and the characteristics of the model on the canvas. The dialogue with paint and brush remains the most beautiful process of creating. And with each painting I make a step in my development in managing technique and style.
What a privilege!

Erik J. van Bercum
Atelier ‘Lou Barakou’